You must be shameless if you are an adult and still do this

As an adult, there are certain things you shouldn’t do, think or say. Such things are meant to be left in your childhood you must be shameless if you are an adult and still do this:

1. Have No vision or dream

Where do you see yourself in the next couple of year? How do you plan on getting there? It’s a shame if a young adult has no remote or long term plan in mind. For instance, how to go about your dreams, a plan B in life, having a dream or ambition and not even having a short term goal.

It’s might seem sad, but true that most young adults don’t have a plan in life. It isn’t a mockery but a firm inspiration to get your life right, to set up ambitions and aspirations and to shake off that “shame”. Your peers are doing great out there.

The choice is yours!!

2. Enjoy being dependent

There is no general rule that, everyone should be independent at 21years in some cases. But being comfortable being dependent at 21years is being shameless.

Why? At 21 years, you should already be thinking big and seeing life from a greater perspective. We all know life isn’t easy. Life is tough. Not everyone succeeds at 21 years but the problem is your mindset. If you are comfortable at 21years+(and above) being under mummy, daddy or a guardian? If yes, then you must really be shameless.

3. Belittling yourself

You were born for a purpose. You were born to add value to the world. so you shouldn’t look down on yourself. Rather being a young adult, what should be in your mind is all about building yourself up and exhausting your potentials. Read more on my previous post on the tips to make money, under Adulthood and money available at Adulthood and Money

4. Hindering peers progress

(You got to be kidding me if you do this!). What if others decide to hinder your own progress? Would you get a chance to succeed in life? Yes I know a lot of people wronged you, but remember we live in a society of give and take, live and let’s live. Don’t waste the precious time you don’t even have. Forget about other people’s success, focus on yours. Are you the type that constantly look for fault in what your peers do and try to fish them out? where has that taken you too so far?. You were created for you, and focusing on your task in this world is of great help to other people in your surrounding.

Unnecessary words=valuable energy spend.

5. Exchanging unnecessary words

Have you ever walked passed someone and hear them utter a comment that was unpleasing to you? well it happens to many if not every single one of us. Not every slant is meant to be answered, economize your words! You can’t walk around throwing stones at everyone that annoys you, come on, exercise some maturity. We are all allowed to defend ourselves when we are wrongly accused or when we are talked to in a certain way. The problem lies in the way we go about it. A lot of people have gotten into trouble just by the way the answer to certain comments or slants. The way you resolve issues is a part of your life that defines how mature you are.

6. Practice back stabbing

Come on, who still does this? Kids I guess (ha!ha!ha!). As a young adult, you should be interested in creating “networking” and reliable associations which inturn could be beneficial to you. But yet, you are busy back stabbing the little friends you got..see Proverbs 3:3. You must really be shameless.

You’re really a weakly if you do this.

Adulthood isn’t for the weak, you have to be strong. Face your fears and never back down. Independence isn’t a day’s job(read more on The Joy of Independence that comes with Adulthood).


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