Do I really have to save?

it’s been a festive period, a lot of expenditures were made for various celebrations. But this is a new year so let’s talk about saving. If you don’t have money to save, read ADULTHOOD AND MONEY to get tips on how to make money.

Saving means the sacrifice of today for a better tomorrow. Forgoing some eminent pleasures in order to enjoy in the future. Reducing one’s expenditures because there exist the word “tomorrow”.

Money can grow like trees.

And if you are asking yourself if you should save, as an Adult the answer is YES! You have to save, infact you have the obligation to save.

Here are some of the reasons why you have to save:

1. Savings makes you worry less;

You worry less about sickness, travels, parties and so on, when you save, things seems easier. You want to go on vacation, there’s money saved up, want to go on retirement, no worry savings are there. Life becomes more interesting and smooth with savings.

2. Savings acts as a springboard to investment;

Once you’ve saved, investing won’t be a problem which will in turn give you more money. The secret of making more money isn’t to constantly work for it, but to make money work for you. Investment is the target.

The more you savings, the more your investment!

3. Savings increases your net worth as a person in the society;

Trending now is the value of people, that is how much you worth. Savings leads to investment which gives you an interesting and ever increasing net worth.

4. Savings opens up doors to different businesses;

Believe me or not, when you got money saved up, life becomes easier. You will have just one worry, “investing”. But will be a lot easier since you got the cash pilled up.

Save big, enjoy big!

5. Saving makes you live comfortably;

As a young adult, a lot of responsibilities awaits you in the future and the best way to arm up to face those resposibilities is by saving.You are ready to leave home if you can do the following;(Part 1), You are ready to leave home if you can do the following;(part 2)

In your mind right now, I know you might be thinking, “What if I die tomorrow?” “Will I be alive to enjoy what I’ve saved?” That shouldn’t be your worry cause you don’t have any power over your life. Your worry should be, how will I live in an unplanned future?(see The Joy of Independence that comes with Adulthood to know more how independence as an adult looks like).

Note that, the size or figure of your saving doesn’t matter, saving is saving!!!

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