As an adult, Should My Parents still give me money?

When I was a kid, my parents gave me everything I needed. Life was so simple. But now that I’m an adult, everything seems so different. My parents still love me, but what about my financial needs. Do my parents still need to do give me money despite the fact that I’m an adult?

Personally, I think our parents still need to give us money, despite the fact that we are adults. There is no guarantee that upon the attainment of Adulthood, we will automatically become financially viable (You are ready to leave home if you can do the following;(part 2). Thus, we still need little assistance from our parents inorder to continue building ourselves until we attain financial maturity😁(You are ready to leave home if you can do the following;(Part 1)).

That feeling of joy can make you the fastest person on Earth!

Oh no! Sorry! I meant no offense! I didn’t mean to offend those who don’t have parents, believe me, I meant no offense!

Indeed, there are young adults out there who are not yet Financially mature but must carter for themselves alone. Because they got no parents to give them a helping hand, yet, they still survive. Thumbs up to you guys!

As a young adult, you shouldn’t be comfortable asking money from your parents.

As a young adult, in as much as your parents give you money, you shouldn’t be comfortable with that aspect (Read more on You must be shameless if you are an adult and still do this).

You need to start reasoning like an adult, get a sense a maturity. There’s a lot of goodies out there for you. Check them on Do I really have to save? , As a young adult, this is what you should invest in👇👇👇 and Tips To Know About Making Money.

You’re parents owe you some financial responsibilities but you cannot claim to be an adult and you are still comfortably depending on your parents. Adulthood comes with Independence. You can’t claim to be an adult but still want to live under your parents wings, only babies do that.

I think yes! As long as it doesn’t make them lazy.

It’s time to preserve your parents wallet!

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  1. As a parent, my answer is no lol but as an adult who used to ask for money well into my thirties, I say yes lol
    Seriously, I think it’s okay for parents to help out every now and then, but if it’s too much, then maybe the young adult person needs to create a better budget.

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  2. No, they shouldn’t. Their monetary responsibility to a child ends at adulthood. If they choose to do so without the child trying to learn to adapt to adulthood, then they are not helping the child in a long run mature into an independent, self-effective adult.

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  3. I never ask anything from both of them even if I know they are the only ppl that can help me, yet, in those times I have requested financial assistance from both of them; they just can’t 😒😔😔. Why?

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  4. This speaks to me directly. My parents have never done anything for me 1, & secondly, there was no reason for them not to (I know that for a fact). What puzzles me is why would parents choose not to support their children?

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    1. Hey friend, I understand your pain.well, maybe your parents are just trying to push you to become a hardworking person.
      But you know we can’t change the fact that some parents are irresponsible.

      I’ve noticed such situations over here where parents gave birth to 12kids and when they attained a certain age, they abandon them to themselves.

      I know it’s though, but please don’t give up!🙏

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      1. They are definitely irresponsible, but, their action have severe consequences I tell you. We understand our families are not rich, however, we still can’t justify their outright lack of taking responsibility. I always think if our parents took enough responsibility on their children; they wouldn’t need their help once adulthood knocks on their doors

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      2. Very true, however, in most cases that I have observed- it’s not always the number of kids (responsibility); but I just don’t get it. I am their only child mind you!

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      3. There’s really nothing to investigate with these people or if they r really my parents- they are just irresponsible and I want to know the core of that

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      4. I have asked and they cannot answer. But it’s not an issue; I have accepted it and I am okay with how things have been, even though I need to know why

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      5. Loools, I understand where you’re coming from, but, it’s not that. I grew up with these people and my whole has a history together ☺☺

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  5. Indepency is very vital but it’s good to know that we can always have back up from parents incase we experience financial problems

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  6. Another interesting article 😍😍.
    As for me I think as from the age of 20, young people should really start striving to be independent from their parents. And I ain’t saying this cause I’m a “Beast” but ’cause it’s a reality. Just imagine your parents have been taking care of you for 20 good years, and you still want more? I think isn’t normal at all. And I believe some do this because of shame or pride🤔🤔. There are a lot of things to do out here as a young adult for you to be totally independent from momma and dad. But does everyone have the guts to pay the price? Absolutely “No”!

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