Ambition : The Ultimate secret to Wealth

To be successful isn’t a day’s job. One must nurture the attitude of succeeding both physically and mentally. No matter how hardworking you are, if you are not ambitious, it’ll be difficult to climb the “social ladder”. Inorder to be wealthy, you must leave your comfort zone and strive for something greater than what you current have.


This post is strictly looking at ambition from a positive view point. That is, to have a mind that wants morethan what you currently posses. This doesn’t in anyway refute the negative impact of ambition which has led to a lot of atrocities in our society. Unlocking Adulthood is strictly devoted to ensure a pleasant Adulthood and not to destroy it.

Ambition is the desire to do or to achieve something. It is that yarning spirits that makes one move forward in life with so much persuasion. You can’t comfortably settle for what you have and want to be wealthy, it doesn’t work like that.

As a young adult, you need to develop ambitions. That desire to achieve greater things than what you currently posses. Wealth doesn’t come by magic. You need to develop that character of succeeding.

It all starts within you. If you don’t think you can be wealthy, guess what? You won’t be wealthy. Wealth doesn’t locate people, you strive for it.

It costs nothing, but takes you to wealth!

Your ambition is what determines the level of wealth you’ll posses. What are your ambitions? What do you think about? What keeps you going in life? Are you satisfy with what you’ve got?

You can’t reason like a “lazy man” and expect wealth to locate you.

I still remember back then during my LLB program, when a senior Barrister asked me, “what do you want to become in future, a Magistrate or a Barrister?” And I answered “a Magistrate” he surprisingly asked, “why not a Barrister?” And I was just like, “Barristers take orders from judges in court”πŸ˜‚

Develop and control your ambitions then you’ll realize there is more you can dream of and achieve in life.

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