I Think I’m in Love😍

It all happened one faithful day, when I caught myself smiling and I realized I was thinking about you!

I know, being in love doesn’t only involve thinking about someone, it goes beyond that.

But now why do I feel so awkward when he is around?; When he talks to me, I feel butterflies in my stomach; when he looks at me in my eyes, I become clumsy and when he holds my hands, I can barely breathe; let me not mention what happens when he hugs me!

That feeling again 🤦!

I’m caught up in my own delima! Between my feeling and rationalizing my my thoughts.


As a young adult, people expect alot from me. They expect me to behave mature! people talking about marriage here and there. I feel subjected to those societal norms of marriage.

This is that societal norm !

Does it mean to be in love as a young adult means I should be thinking about marriage? Well sorry I’m not ready for that!

I’ll like to, but my Ambitions will not let me conform my self to those norms. I might be in love, but it doesn’t make me a fool.

I’m very conscious of what I want in life. Yes! I’ll sacrifice my present pleasures for future Gain.

It’s not my fault, call me a dreamer but I won’t give up on my dreams.

I might be in love, but I’m definitely not stupid!

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