Love Chronicles 1: Love is not War

Love isn’t a Battle field, so please, don’t expect me to fight for you!

I strongly hold to the view that, if someone truly loves you, there is no need fighting with others over that person. Your lover will automatically adjust his or her life inorder to accommodate you.

Let’s take a look at this sample scenario.


Alfred and Mirabel are in a love relationship. Mirabel and Jones are Friends from grade 5. They have known each other well enough and are so fun of being beside each other.

Now, their proximity is greatly affecting Alfred as he claims, she got little or no time for their relationship.

Jones had been in love with Mirabel for years now, but never had the guts to confess his feelings. Thus, he can’t let her go.

Mirabel equally enjoys Jones company and don’t want to put some space between them.

Alfred is now feeling he’s the third party that wants to ruin their friendship. This caused Alfred and Jones to get in to a heated argument that led to a fight of which Alfred sustained so many injuries.

As a young adult, what will you do if you were Alfred?

Advice Alfred on what to do, in line with the topic, Love isn’t War.

(please I’ll be waiting for your comments in the comment section below)

Yes, you’re Fighting in vain.

How should a young Adult fight for love?

Come on, you’re still young and vibrant with a lot of issues on your plate. You can’t just sit around and be hoping and begging people to give you attention. If they want you, they’ll make room for you in their heart and lives. For me, getting on to a fight with someone over your lover, isn’t a good prove of Love.

A love Relationship isn’t Child’s Play. It requires Commitment thus, if you are not ready to commit to the relationship, don’t cage someone.

The only way you should fight for Love as a young adult is by Giving More Of Your Love.

Yes! Give more of your love. That should be your weapon. Love isn’t a Battle field where you need to fight, insult or even kill someone for them to know that you love them. What if you loss your life or accidentally kill someone in a fight?

Just give them more of your love, then if they don’t want create some time and space for you, 2 things are clear; either they love you and don’t want the relationship, or they don’t love you at all.

We are to strive for what we want, and what we love. If your lover can’t put thesame energy in the Relationship like you, there is a high probability it won’t work.

The above scenario is just a mere fiction used for the purpose of better understanding. It has nothing to do with a real life story.

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  1. If I were Alfred, I’ll assume that I ain’t the right person since both of them Enjoy each other’s company. The major key in a relationship is attention. So I think Alfred should have noticed she was giving more attention to Jones than to him. Poor Alfred 🙁🙁

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  2. Very enriching. There are many challenges which come with the transition into adulthood… How do we unveil this adulthood ? That’s the smart question which appears really problematic for even a thousand pundits to give a very cogent response… The answer is in our individual minds. We should always be aware actions and repacautions

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