Covid-19 and Social stigma: How to deal with it

Have you ever wondered how people feel when they leave the isolation centres back to their various communities? You might think they are filled with joy, but the reality is, those people generally get stigmatized and are avoided for some time.

Everyone is vulnerable to the virus.

I really admire all those who have overcome the Virus and later on overcame the Stigma.

Solidarity not stigma

The Link below will take you a page where you’ll read in details the stigma that Covid-19 patient have are facing. I’ve gone through it and it’s really educative. I love it and found it worth sharing. Please click the link below👇👇👇

The fact of being a carrier doesn’t mean I’m the virus, the virus is out there.


  1. This sort of discrimination is so odd. This virus has been politicized, so instead of seeing people who recover from the virus as survivors they are becoming stigmatized as unclean. We need to get over it.

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    1. I totally agree with you. No one ever asked to be infected, being infected doesn’t mean you are different from others. People tend to forget that , we all are vulnerable to the virus.

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