Nine tips to fight against “COVID-19”

Take a look at this Amazing article on the tips to fight against covid-19.



“Knowledge is power,but applied knowledge is superpower”.
Dear friends as “COVID 19” has been progressive in many part of world.My aim is to write down the post from psychological,mental, medical and Ayurvedic perspective to create general awareness and give psychological and moral boost to my readers.

I am working at B.J.Medical college, Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India as faculty in Public health.Looking at the present scenario and circumstances,we are asked to get ready to manage the patient of COVID 19 in isolation ward and ICU (Intensive care units).We are on “war footing”mode and while writing this post many of my physician,anasthetist,staff nurse and paramedic staff are constantly busy and engaged in treatment of patients. ( of “COVID 19 “patient).Some of the key points that I would like to discuss and highlight in this emergency situation are.
1.During such calamity, many people are under lots of physical and mental stress. Best…

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