Being Rich, doesn’t mean being happy; Neither does being poor

If you’ve ever thought that being Rich is being happy, please delete that thought from you mind.

Being Rich is not being happy, as well as, being poor doesn’t mean being happy. The problem lies at the level of contentment.

Change your mind set, change your life.

Are you contented?

Yes, money can buy all the material things that can make you happy, but hold on! Real happiness is gotten from things we cannot buy.

Being poor enables you to value the little things you cannot buy but which makes you happy.

So, should we then accept to be poor for happiness to prevail,? Certainly not, because even in poverty one still needs money inorder to buy certain necessities in order to facilitate our happiness.

A curse we must get rid of.

Happiness can’t be bought! Even if given a worth, we won’t afford it.

Therefore, happiness is a rare gem. if you find it, keep it jealously. If you are still looking for it, Never give up. And if you’ve stopped looking for it, get up and fight for it.


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