Religious Bankruptcy: A Redefinition of Religion

We are living in a society plague with different religions. Yet, so many evil in the world. It is thought to be so cause we are at the “end times”.

Nowadays, the greatest enemy of a religion is religion. Religion now operates on the basis of survival of the fittest.

But, it is baffling how we are all devoted in our various Religions, yet, serving one Creator in many different ways. No matter the name we call him; God, Allah, Buddha etc..

Bob Marley sang, One people different color. Here it is One Creator, different religion.

I keep poundering in my mind asking myself, what if we all are actually serving thesame Creator ? What if what is tearing us apart is Historical Narration?

In the past, there wasn’t a reliable instrument on which sensitive information could be written. Narration had to be done orally ( the passing down of historic event by way of mouth) from generation to generation. And as time went by, they began writing on stones. Then afterwards came the scrolls before finally we had good modes of documentation.

If an Atheist was to become a believer, he would not know which religion to choose.

I Know freedom of Religion is a fundamental Human Right as mentioned in Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, yet I call on a detour of Faith; redefining religion. Yes! Mankind should reconsider their religion. We need to take a walk in our religious history, do some comparison, seeks answers on the issues distinguishing our various Religions, unite the history. Only then, will we find our true religious identity.

In Afghanistan, we hear rumors about the Talibans Killing non-Muslims (Christians), is this what mankind has turned to in the name of religion? Mankind needs a detour of Faith inorder to redefine religion.

Mankind needs to redefine what it means by Faith.

To be continued…

Please, I really need know your thoughts on this post inorder to proceed….I’ll be delighted if you could leave a comment. Thanks.

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