Love is not Enough!💔

Do you wonder why people love each other but don't end up together? Do you know why lovers breakup after years of dating? Does the word divorce baffles you? Are you overwhelmed with the idea of being in a relationship? Well, as a young adult, it is fundermental for you to understand that, love is not enough! anyway in most circumstances it isn't enough

Being poor is my only offence!!

As a young adult, the respect accorded to you as a working class is quite different from an unemployed. Have you ever asked yourself why people respect a mere youngster because his pockets are full but tend to humiliate others because they got nothing in their pockets. Hmmm, did you know, being poor is the … Continue reading Being poor is my only offence!!

You are ready to leave home if you can do the following;(Part 1)

It’s obvious you can take your independence and leave home but without money, it’s going to be really difficult. Leaving home is a crazy idea that hits the minds of most adolescents. Now you’re an adult, things aren't the way you thought some years back