100+ followers celebration 🥳🥳🥳

Program: Opening prayer Opening speech by the author. Recognition of followers, visitors and viewers A word from the author - Ms. Anita Che Party time; Eating; Drinking; Dancing. Closing remark. Commencement Prayer: Our Almighty and Everlasting father, creator of the universe, Daddy Thank you for this opportunity to celebrate 100+ followers! I'm really grateful Lord … Continue reading 100+ followers celebration 🥳🥳🥳

Attention : New Topic Alert!

Dear readers and visitors, we have come to the end of our topic Adulthood and money. We have had very educative posts on this topic but however, this doesn't in any way mean that we shall never post about adulthood and money again. No! When the need arises and new posts available, it shall be … Continue reading Attention : New Topic Alert!

Being poor is my only offence!!

As a young adult, the respect accorded to you as a working class is quite different from an unemployed. Have you ever asked yourself why people respect a mere youngster because his pockets are full but tend to humiliate others because they got nothing in their pockets. Hmmm, did you know, being poor is the … Continue reading Being poor is my only offence!!

Ambition : The Ultimate secret to Wealth

To be successful isn't a day's job. One must nurture the attitude of succeeding both physically and mentally. No matter how hardworking you are, if you are not ambitious, it'll be difficult to climb the "social ladder". Inorder to be wealthy, you must leave your comfort zone and strive for something greater than what you current have.

Adulthood is a Quest

Life is a short circle, maximize your time..unlock your adulthood with confidence. Hello guys!!! Hope your appetite is all up... follow me to view the first blog post I'll be publishing in some days....the title is Adulthood and Money...stay tunned Do you want to know more about adulthood? Do you need a peer to help … Continue reading Adulthood is a Quest