Guess what? I have a better Val’s day gift for you!

I know it's March 7th, but today i realized I got a better gift for you than what I gave you on Valentine's day! The Best Valentine's day gift ever

My Love❤️

The days draw painfully long, my love without you in it The night a torturous silence, my love when you are not in my bed A meal for two, my love is now a punch in my gut and I cannot eat a morsel thank you, my love let me thank you for a lesson … Continue reading My Love❤️

To Love or Not To Love?

By E.L. Jayne Would you rather have loved and lost or never have loved at all? To Love or To Not Love? Our YouTube Channel is now available at please Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share. Thank you!

Love is not Enough!💔

Do you wonder why people love each other but don't end up together? Do you know why lovers breakup after years of dating? Does the word divorce baffles you? Are you overwhelmed with the idea of being in a relationship? Well, as a young adult, it is fundermental for you to understand that, love is not enough! anyway in most circumstances it isn't enough

Attention : New Topic Alert!

Dear readers and visitors, we have come to the end of our topic Adulthood and money. We have had very educative posts on this topic but however, this doesn't in any way mean that we shall never post about adulthood and money again. No! When the need arises and new posts available, it shall be … Continue reading Attention : New Topic Alert!